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Children's Eye Care

Regular eye examinations for children are essential to ensure that their eyes are equipped to receive visual information accurately, comfortably and safely. For this reason, an eye examination is completely free of charge for under 16’s, and students aged 16, 17 and 18.

Here at Saffron Eyecare we take children’s eye care very seriously. As every child is different we tailor each eye examination specifically to your child’s needs.All examinations will include looking at the back of the eye to make sure their eyes are healthy, and a check to see if glasses are required to improve their eyesight. Children do not even need to talk to us or be able to read to get an accurate result, and as such you can bring your child in to see us at any age if you have any concerns about their eyesight or eye health.

We have a large selection of fun and colourful children’s frames as well as more sophisticated and trendy teenage ranges, so we are sure your child will find a pair of spectacles they love.

We welcome Hospital prescriptions for infants, and as an approved Tomato Glasses supplier we are able to provide well-fitting and comfortable spectacles even for toddlers and babies.

Your child might also benefit from prescription sunglasses, swimming goggles or specialised protective sports eyewear. Our knowledgeable dispensing team will be able to talk you through all options available to ensure your child stays safe whilst enjoying their favourite hobby.

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