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Contact Lenses

For many people, glasses can be a hindrance, either due to their job, sporting activities or other hobbies. Although most people are perfectly happy to wear glasses, it can be nice to have an alternative option at certain times, even if only for special occasions.

Contact lenses provide the alternative.

With advances in technology and lens materials, contact lens wear is now an option for more people than ever before. High prescriptions, astigmatism and varifocal prescriptions can often be corrected with modern lenses.

At Saffron Eyecare, we provide a comprehensive contact lens consultation and fitting. We will discuss your reasons for considering contact lens wear, and advise you of the various options available, ensuring that the most suitable lenses are recommended for your visual needs.

As independent opticians, we can supply a large range of contact lenses, including daily disposable and monthly wear lenses.

We will also teach you how to insert and remove your lenses, and how to clean and maintain them. Our team are always available to ensure that your contact lenses are comfortable, or if any problems or difficulties arise during your use of the lenses.

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